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  • Level 1 Health And Safety In A Construction Environment Course : Invicta Safety : 7th July 2020

Acquire CSCS Green Card


With Our New Level 1 Health And Safety In A Construction Environment Course

Health and safety on a construction site is a real concern of many employers and contractors. Adequate training and knowledge is one of the best ways to improve health and safety. What’s more, it is vital for employees and contractors looking to obtain a CSCS Green Card for working on construction sites.

At Invicta Safety, we know how important it is for construction companies to ensure their team receive full training for site compliance. With our online Level 1 Health and Safety In A Construction Environment eLearning, we help your construction workers to learn the necessary health and safety skills required. This eLearning will not only keep construction workers safe on-site but will help them with the CSCS Green Card application too.

As this is an eLearning course, your employees don’t need to travel to attend expensive courses. They can learn from your office or at home at a much more cost-effective price. Furthermore, with training available immediately, your construction workers can learn at a pace to suit them while minimising disruption to your business.

How To Ensure Your Team Are Properly Trained In Construction Health And Safety

Here at Invicta Safety, we offer individuals an interesting, engaging and effective course that provides an introduction of health and safety in a construction environment. Our Level 1 Health And Safety In A Construction Environment course is perfect for those just starting out in the construction industry and covers all the fundamental aspects of health and safety.

Over the 120 minute course, participants will learn how to work safely on a construction site and what they can do to keep their team safe as well. Because the course has been specifically tailored to the construction industry, you know that everything being taught is relevant for keeping everyone on-site safe. Not only will the fundamental methods for health and safety be taught, but also the importance of health and safety in the workplace.

At the end of the course, workers can take the accredited exam, which will result in a recognised qualification. This qualification forms part of the application for a CSCS Green Card and everything you need to know about obtaining the card is covered in the course. For construction employers, this Level 1 course is perfect for ensuring all team members have the knowledge and skills to work safely on site.

Why Study Our Construction Health And Safety Course?

As an employer, making sure all your staff have relevant training and valid CSCS green cards will show contractors that your whole team has a standard for appropriate training. As a worker, obtaining a CSCS card shows employers that you are able to do the job at hand safely. Some other benefits of completing our Level 1 Health And Safety In A Construction Environment include;

  • Requirements: A large number of significant housebuilders and principal contractors will require all workers that operate at their sites to have a valid CSCS card and have undergone training. If you or your staff don’t have these, it could mean losing out on some major contracts.
  • Documentation: When you have a CSCS Green Card, there is no need to show other documentation for relevant construction qualifications. This card will mean that other construction workers and contractors know you are a competent contractor and fully understand the health and safety guidelines.
  • A Safe Environment: When everyone in a team is appropriately trained and qualified in health and safety, then they will all operate in a safer way. Health and safety on a construction site is vital, and our Level 1 course is a great way to improve that.

Try Our Health and Safety In A Construction Environment Course Today

Our eLearning course allows participants to study flexibly, at their own pace and in their own time. This is ideal for workers and employers as students can complete this course remotely. If you’re looking for a faster, flexible and cost-effective way to train your team, then you can view our course here and even enjoy a free trial, to ensure it’s the right course for your organisation.

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  • The Importance Of Health And Safety To SMEs : Invicta Safety : 27th March 2020

The Importance Of Health And Safety To SMEs

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Five Reasons Why Health And Safety Is Vital To SMEs

Workplace accidents can, unfortunately, happen across every industry and in every organisation. Last year, work-related illness and injury cost UK businesses over £15 billion with 28.3 million working days lost to work-related ill-health.

For small businesses, the cost of health and safety incidents can severely impact the success, profit and resources of the organisation. However, 39% of SMEs say that health and safety ‘just feels like paperwork’.

So, how can SMEs realise the benefits and importance of health and safety within their organisation?

The Five Reasons

1. Procurement Value
Health and Safety schemes and standards can be essential for SMEs looking to secure significant contracts with larger firms. Many large-scale corporations will have a stringent list of requirements for their suppliers. This can include sharing your policies and risk assessments, having an appointed Competent Person or completing specific health and safety training. Without showing clients a commitment to health and safety, they may be reluctant to award contacts.

2. Return On Investment
Many businesses fail to see the benefit of health and safety because it can be difficult to measure the return on investment. However, studies show that some occupational health measures can deliver an ROI of £12 for every £1 spent. This could be from giving staff the training they need to stay safe at work, to remedial action on anything that has been highlighted in a risk assessment.

3. Legal Requirement
It is a legal requirement for every business to have a health and safety policy. Organisations with five or more employees need to have a written policy. Even for organisations with fewer than five employees, having a documented plan offers benefits as it can allow staff, contractors, clients and other interested parties to refer to your policy when they need to. You don’t have to have a qualified QHSE in-house to complete this for you. It is often useful to use a health and safety consultant as they will be a fresh pair of eyes looking at your current systems in place.

As well as a policy, other legal requirements, as per the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 include;

  • Providing training and information to workers
  • Conducting risk assessments
  • Appointing a competent person to oversee workplace safety
4. Staff Welfare and Wellbeing
Focussing on the health and safety of staff members can boost employee morale, increase productivity levels and enhance loyalty to the organisation. Furthermore, studies suggest that 61% of employees work harder for employers that invest in their health.

By investing and caring about health and safety, SMEs can benefit from a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.

5. Safer Workplaces
No business wants to see any member of staff suffer from injury and illness. Consequently, failing to protect employees sufficiently can lead to workers off sick, legal cases and fines. By promoting a safer workplace, staff benefit from a safe place to work while business operations can run efficiently. Furthermore, it can also lower insurance costs too.

So, with so many benefits to prioritising health and safety, small businesses can enjoy a safer, profitable and happier organisation, putting them on the right path to success.

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