Environmental Policy Statement

Under the principle of “sustainable development,” Invicta Safety is serious about protecting the global environment through all business activities and employee actions.

To that end the company has appointed a senior manager to be responsible for environmental maintenance at the company.

To keep workplace procedures relating to environmental legislation under constant review, and to liaise with government bodies responsible for enforcing legislation wherever necessary.

To keep the Company updated on any new legislation affecting them. e.g. E U Directives, Regulations, Statutory Instruments and British Standards, in order to ensure compliance with them.

Environmental Safety

Environmental Code of Practices

The Invicta Safety environmental codes of practice are as follows:

  • We will strive to reduce any negative environmental impact resulting from our activities and the products we use.
  • We are committed to conserving energy and natural resources, and practice a 3R approach (reduce, reuse, recycle) with regard to materials and products used.
  • We have established environmental management systems at our business site (STEM) and operate them according to accepted standards. At the same time, we will continually improve environmental controls.
  • We seek to reduce risks to human health and the environment from the use of harmful chemical substances or waste.
  • We encourage our employees to improve the environment, bearing in mind the impact of their business activities and their civic responsibilities.

Invicta Safety shall promote to our customers products and services which are least hazardous to the environment; the prevention of pollution and the efficient use of resources.

Invicta Safety shall cooperate and maintain harmonious relations with the local communities in which Invicta Safety has a presence.

This policy is reviewed every 6 months or if there are significant changes to business activities and environmental legislation.

Andrew Henderson

Owner Invicta Safety